Candidate attorney testimonials


Webber Wentzel strives to provide candidate attorneys with a stimulating working environment that helps them to realise their potential as lawyers.

Candidate attorneys who are selected to do their articles at Webber Wentzel can look forward to exciting challenges accompanied by strong support and mentorship from senior lawyers and in-house training programmes.

Here's what previous candidate attorneys have to say about their experiences at Webber Wentzel:

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Here's what our candidate attorneys have to say:

Candidate Attorney 2015

In order to be the best you have to learn from the best. Being a candidate attorney at Webbers has been challenging but unbelievably rewarding. It is absolutely incredible to not only be fortunate enough to work alongside some of the greatest legal minds but a privilege to be mentored and lead through my development as a young professional. One of my greatest highlights as a candidate attorney was working on a high profile matter regarding gold theft in South Africa which was featured on Carte Blanche. Seeing how my work and input became integrated into the final product and realising the contribution that I made even as a candidate attorney motivated me even further.

My advice to any candidate attorney at Webber Wentzel is best expressed in the words of Robert A. Heinlein- "Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done."

30 June 2015 , Morgan Hare

Candidate Attorney 2015

My time as a candidate attorney has been a challenging, yet extremely rewarding experience. I have been exposed to numerous opportunities which have enabled me to learn and grow in the professional environment. It is a priceless experience and I feel honoured and privileged to be working at Webber Wentzel.

Being a part of the Webber Wentzel community is, in itself, a highlight. I am fortunate enough to have made wonderful friends at the firm and have been guided through my journey at Webber Wentzel by an outstanding mentor. I have enjoyed working on high profile cases. A also appreciate the time and energy that the partners and associates have given in including me on matters and teaching me throughout.

My advice to aspiring candidate attorneys is to embrace the challenge of articles with a positive attitude and always be grateful for all the opportunities. Be humble in your learning and soak up as much knowledge as you can from the experienced professionals around you. Embrace every task that you are given with enthusiasm and make sure that you leave a lasting impression on each person that you work for.

30 June 2015 , Victoria Moore

Candidate Attorney 2015

Serving articles at Webber Wentzel has been an invaluable experience which I cannot express in few words! This is no doubt an amazing place to start one's career. Its open door policy, the mentorship programme, the buddy programme, the warm and friendly nature of all its staff, the onsite training, the car wash, gym, nurse, canteen (the list can go on) have all contributed to making it feel like a home away from home.

Over and above that I am truly proud to work here. Webber Wentzel is not only a hugely successful commercial firm, but it is also very progressive in pushing South Africa forward and inspiring socially responsible leadership within its young professionals.

There are so many highlights! My time in the firm's Pro Bono Practice is a definite one because I was actively involved in many law developing cases - two of which went to the Constitutional Court. Becoming a member of the Webber Wentzel Leadership Network and serving as chairlady of its CSI subcommittee is another.

Aspiring candidate attorneys should be aware that working at a top firm is a challenge - the expectations are high, but if something does not challenge you, it will not change you. I have undoubtedly changed for the better during my time here.

30 June 2015 , Deborah Mutemwa

Candidate Attorney 2015

Being a Webber Wentzel candidate attorney has certainly exceeded my expectations. It has been a rollercoaster journey of character development. Since starting my articles just over a year ago, I can truly say that my professional growth and maturity as a person have increased exponentially. Every day is a learning experience and brings new challenges that push me out of my comfort zone.

A highlight for me was using my experiences in carrying out instructions at court to create a survival guide which is now used as a tool by other candidate attorneys carrying out instructions at court.

Aspiring candidate attorneys should be aware that success is not so much about how well you think you know the law - University can only teach you so much - what is more important is having an enthusiastic attitude and a thirst to learn. Have an open mind and take advantage of new learning opportunities. These qualities will take you very far in your career at Webber Wentzel. 

30 June 2015 , Divashin Naidoo