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We believe that diversity is key to delivering appropriate legal services in Africa. In harnessing the varied experiences, perspectives and backgrounds of our employees and stakeholders we ensure that we are able to serve our clients appropriately.

We embrace transformation within our organisation and in the companies we work with. We strive to accurately reflect the demographics of the South African population within our structure. Our recruitment, training and development initiatives reflect this commitment.

Transformation statement

We are committed to:

  • pursuing transformation as a strategic objective;
  • supporting diversity and reflecting the demographics of the South African population by actively recruiting, training and developing the best legal talent;
  • promoting transformation through preferential procurement policies and appropriate corporate social investment strategies; and
  • enterprise development.

Equity and management

Webber Wentzel is an equal opportunity employer committed to employment equity at all levels. As a professional partnership, our firm is owned by its equity partners, with approximately 25.1% being owned by previously disadvantaged individuals.

Approximately 40% of our legal staff complement and 60% of our business services staff complement are people of colour.

Developing, training and advancing previously disadvantaged attorneys

We are involved in a number of initiatives aimed at advancing previously disadvantaged law professionals within and outside the firm. We: 

  • ensure that the majority of our annual candidate attorney intake comprises previously disadvantaged people;
  • engage in a number of guidance and mentoring arrangements with previously disadvantaged practitioners;
  • offer bursaries to previously disadvataged law students studying at the major South African universities; 
  • invite law students from South African universities to take up internship positions in our firm; and
  • offer a three month secondment to previously disadvantaged practioners through the Law Society of South Africa's empowerment project.


We outsource certain non-core functions to empowered companies.

Pro Bono and Corporate Social Investment

Our dedicated Pro Bono Practice provides free legal services to various organisations and communities. The work that we do is guided by the recognised need to narrow the divide between the advantaged and disadvantaged members of South African society and the obligation to play a role as a good citizen in our country.

We proactively seek opportunities to develop the communities in the regions in which we operate through our Corporate Social Investment Programme. Our approach in making social investments is based on entering partnerships with appropriate organisations with the aim of achieving measurable and sustainable results.