Thomson Reuters, Practical Law: Private equity in South Africa guide

​​​The Thomson Reuter's Practical Law - Private equity in South Africa: market and regulatory overview is available. This Q&A guide is a guide to private equity law in South Africa. It gives a high level overview of the key practical issues including, the level of activity and recent trends in the market; investment incentives for institutional and private investors; the mechanics involved in establishing a private equity fund; equity and debt finance issues in a private equity transaction; issues surrounding buyouts and the relationship between the portfolio company's managers and the private equity funds; management incentives; and exit routes from investments.

This Q&A is part of the global guide to private equity and venture capital. For a full list of jurisdictional Q&As visit

To compare answers across multiple jurisdictions see the Private Equity Country Q&A Tool.

Andrew Westwood, Michael Denenga, and Shirleen Ritchie contributed the South Africa chapter of this guide

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