Project Development & Implementation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As your business starts taking shape, we can assist with feasibility studies, project financing and permitting analyses. In the permit application processes, we work hand in hand with your consultants and offer a process audit function to ensure that your approved permits are legally sound and defendable. We can handle any challenge involving the issuing of permits, from appeals to High Court review applications.

Implementing reporting structure and policies and procedures, are fundamental to ensuring sustainability, proper planning and ultimately, legal compliance. If your business gets this right from the outset, it will optimise efficiency and reduce risk. We provide strategic advice to ensure adequate environmental oversight and compliance. We regularly assist clients in implementing compliance management systems, which can be invaluable in improving compliance.

It is important that your infrastructure development contracts protect your interests and place sufficient obligations on the party best placed to bear the risk. As the holder of any permits during the construction phase, you remain liable for environmental incidents, despite the existence of a contract. One must ensure that a project is developed within the boundaries of the project's authorisations and in accordance with applicable laws. It is also crucial that appointed contractors are appropriately managed.​