Dawn Raids

​​​​​​​​​Regulators may conduct unexpected searches to investigate potentially anti-competitive activities. These are commonly referred to as ‘dawn raids’.

We assist our clients by ensuring that the raid is conducted with decency and order, within the ambit of the law. Our job is to ensure that the investigator conducting the dawn raid is being shadowed and to keep accurate records of each and every item which the investigator takes, copies and inspects.

We assist our clients by:​

  • ​providing comprehensive dawn raid training (including conducting mock dawn raids) to ensure that a company is fully prepared and its employees are aware of their rights during this invasive process; and
  • providing assistance during a dawn raid and with the related investigations thereafter.

Read our standard guidelines of what to do in a dawn raid.

We have also developed, Webber Wentzel Alert, an online tool designed to launch a co-ordinated legal emergency response at the click of a button in the event of a dawn raid. Webber Wentzel Alert enables organisations to notify a pre-identified group of key individuals within their businesses and their pre-selected legal team at Webber Wentzel that a dawn raid is in progress. Apart from saving valuable time, it also provides easy online access to best practice guidance on their rights and obligations during the raid, enabling an informed, co-ordinated and internally aligned response. To find out more about Webber Wentzel Alert, click here​. ​​​​​​