IP Portfolio Management

​​​​​Continuous and active IP management is about getting the most from your portfolio. Obtaining patents, industrial designs, registering or using trade marks, and adequately leveraging your copyrights are key aspects of proper portfolio management. A comprehensive IP portfolio increases the value of an entity by raising the value of its balance sheet and can be used to expand the entity's commercial activities through licensing opportunities, thus deriving maximum value from the IP portfolio.​

We assist businesses with managing their IP portfolios, and our service includes:​

  • ​conducting IP registration searches;
  • attending to trade mark and design registrations and outsourcing patent registration to the most appropriate patent attorneys;
  • conducting IP and technology audits and advising on IP risks and gaps in protection;
  • preparing IP policies and management guidelines; and
  • providing our clients with advice on IP portfolio management to service and inform their business strategies.