Market Inquiries

​​​​​​​​​​Market inquiries are a tool used by regulators to closely assess the general state of competition within a market for particular goods or services in order to ascertain whether any feature or combination of features of a market prevents, distorts or restricts competition within that market. The market inquiry process may take years to complete and entails extensive co-operation with the regulator. Such co-operation includes: providing comprehensive amounts of data and information in response to information requests, interviews and public hearings. Over the last few years, regulators across Africa have undertaken numerous market inquiries into industries including: banking, retail, data, private healthcare, gas and transport.

We are able to assist by:

  • ​commenting on any draft terms of reference;
  • preparing submissions on key issues relevant to the market inquiry;
  • collating, reviewing and responding to information requests;
  • identifying any legal risks upfront;
  • attending meetings with the regulator;
  • preparing representatives for any public hearings that may be held as part of a market inquiry process;​
  • planning for the implementation of recommendations made by the regulator once a market inquiry is complete; and
  • advising in relation to all other aspects of a market inquiry.