Property Due Diligence Investigations

​​​​A due diligence investigation enables us to understand the extent of any restriction or benefit in the use of an immovable property to the businesses of a client and assesses the impact on any proposed use of a property.

We have conducted numerous due diligence investigations in relation to immovable property, reviewing title deeds to assessing material risks, including in respect of security of tenure, any mortgage bonds or other encumbrances, restrictive conditions and servitudes and/or any other rights impacting a property.

We have also reviewed lease agreements, assessing terms and conditions, including the commercial risks of termination or renegotiation, the ability to pledge or assign, any change in control provisions, the ability to sub-let or licence, and termination rights.

A focus area for us is conducting due diligence investigations for project sites (particularly renewable energy projects). We act for both project companies and lenders to ensure the appropriate land use rights are secured.