Occupational Health & Safety Compliance

​​​​​​​​​In an environment of increasing legal risk, employers must be proactive in adopting compliance strategies. Effective compliance strategies within the occupational health and safety realm are essential to the well-being of employees.

Occupational health and safety compliance is also critical for businesses and employers. Non-compliance can result in reputational harm, damages claims and/or further losses which may result from work stoppages and increased legal costs from engaging with regulators. Businesses (and, in some cases, business leaders) may even face criminal prosecution for non-compliance.

We assist clients by:

  • ​advising on general regulatory compliance and risk in all aspects of occupational health and safety law;
  • conducting bespoke compliance audits and/or due diligence investigations and/or gap analysis in line with prescribed occupational health and safety statutory requirements;
  • providing implementation advice related to occupational health and safety compliance strategies and/or risks;
  • providing practical occupational health and safety training and responsibility awareness for all levels of employees and management;
  • advising on, and drafting of, occupational health and safety documents including statutory letters of appointment, contractor management packs and agreements and legal risk registers;
  • advising on, and drafting of, occupational health and safety policies, procedures and standards;
  • advising on engagements with occupational health and safety regulators and stakeholders, including advice in relation to administrative and enforcement action taken by regulators (like work site stoppage instructions and contravention notices);
  • advising on and applications for exemptions and/or permits from occupational health and safety regulators;
  • assisting with challenging instructions or decisions of occupational health and safety regulators; and
  • advising on regulatory and compliance related to workplace accidents.