Celebrating Women's Month: Embracing Equity and Embracing Wellness

As part of the firm's commitment to uphold the United Nations' Sustainable Development goals, particularly goals 3 (good health and well-being) and 6 (gender equality), Webber Wentzel commemorate Women's Month by Embracing Equity and Embracing Wellness.

This month we acknowledge and celebrate the brave women who participated in the historic march of 1956 as well as all the women who continue to play an integral role in shaping South African society and driving progress in every sphere of life.

Webber Wentzel believes that achieving true equity involves empowering and supporting women to thrive both professionally and personally.

"Gender equity encompasses more than just providing equal opportunities for all; it requires us to take deliberate steps to ensure that the playing field is level. We acknowledge that there are unique challenges that women face in their careers and aim to create an inclusive environment in which everyone can thrive and reach their full potential and in which our women are equipped with all they need to lead fulfilling and sustainable careers at the firm" - Sally Hutton, Webber Wentzel Managing Partner.

The firm also recognises the importance of embracing physical, mental, and emotional wellness, which is fundamental to women living balanced and fulfilled lives. As part of the firm's overall wellness initiatives, this month the firm will specifically focus on some of the issues relating to women's health that have historically been overlooked or not adequately prioritised.

Webber Wenzel will honour Women's Month by making a donation to Lawyers against Abuse as well as collecting and donating tampons and sanitary towels to reduce period poverty.

About Lawyers against Abuse

Lawyers against Abuse (LvA) provides legal services and trauma counselling for victims of gender-based violence in the impoverished community of Diepsloot. LvA’s legal team assists clients throughout the entire legal process, whether by securing a protection order or pursuing a criminal case. LvA ensures that its clients are aware of their legal rights and available remedies, provides comprehensive support throughout the process and pushes the justice system to work the way it should.

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