Covid-19 infographic: The African picture – vaccine mandates

​​Two years on, we are all still managing the complexities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Navigating the requirements of entry for businesses operating across Africa is not an easy task and the landscape changes regularly. There are countries in Africa that require people to be vaccinated in order to enter and to attend certain public facilities and there are those that do not.

To help our clients navigate some of these complexities more easily we have collaborated with several firms across Africa to produce an at a glance view of vaccination mandates across key African jurisdictions. The infographic does not constitute legal advice and is correct as at the time of publishing.

In summary, 10 countries out of the 16 reviewed require vaccination and/or a health pass to enter the country or access certain public facilities. The remaining 6 countries have no vaccination mandates but vaccination is encouraged.​​​


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