Fraudulent scam using our name, Webber Wentzel

​​We have been made aware of a fraudulent scam using our name. The scam relates to a "Trust Fund for Victims of Fraud" (the Trust Fund) that is supposedly governed by the International Financial Fraud Corporation (IFFC), which purports to be a fraud investigation firm that assists victims who suffered financial loss arising out of or relating to fraudulent schemes, and to recover their funds and investments. The scammers claim that Webber Wentzel is a Trustee of the Trust Fund. None of this is true. The persons purporting to be the IFFC have sent out fraudulent correspondence and documents to various parties, referencing agreements that appear to have been authored and signed by Webber Wentzel or its senior management and have the firm's official logo. Targets of the fraud are being requested to pay the IFFC a service fee of USD 500 in order to be assisted with recovering lost funds from the supposed Trust Fund.

We reiterate that neither Webber Wentzel nor any of its partners have any involvement in or connection to persons purporting to be the IFFC. Contrary to what is stated in the fraudulent agreements or letters, Webber Wentzel is not a trustee of the Trust Fund nor does not it assist persons with the recovery of financial losses as a result of the Click2Sell fraudulent scam.

If you receive communication purporting to be from the IFFC or its affiliates and it refers to Webber Wentzel, and you are in any doubt about whether it is genuine, please contact us directly (via your usual Webber Wentzel contact if you have one, or via our official contact numbers from our website – do not use numbers on any suspicious documents you receive) and do not reply or take any further action. Do not respond to these emails or communicate with the sender, and do not provide the sender with any personal or financial information. If you have already received such e-mails, you are advised to terminate all further contacts with the scammers, and, in the event that you have sent them funds, contact your local law enforcement office immediately.

For inquiries concerning this matter, please ​contact us​​.

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