Webber Wentzel Ignite

Webber Wentzel Ignite is a legal incubation programme for entrepreneurs launched in December 2017. Through the programme, we provide successful applicants with premium legal services to drive their business forward and position them well for future fundraising and expansion. Following an application process, we selected 10 successful start-ups and scale-ups to join Webber Wentzel Ignite.

The Ignite10 are highly innovative businesses who are disrupting their respective industries. The #Ignite10 receive free and discounted legal services and value-adds (bespoke mentoring and training support, targeted networking and profile-raising opportunities). The #Ignite10 are:

BrandsEye​BrandsEye mines online conversations to reveal sentiment and underlying brand value for clients, which enables them to make insightful decisions based on the data.
Electrum PaymentsElectrum provides a cloud-based transaction platform to accept payments, process financial transactions and provide value-added services.
Data ProphetData Prophet makes use of machine learning to predict and locate defects in manufacturing plants and prescribes methods to minimize these defects to improve output levels.
Pattern Matched Technologies Pattern Matched Technologies is a fintech company that specialises in the intersection between the financial, telecommunications and commercial sectors and provides a range of products in this space.
Quicket Quicket is an online self-managed ticketing platform that services businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C).
Sensor Networks Sensor Networks helps insurance companies to reduce risk through the use of smart IoT sensors.
Leaply CorporationLeaply is a recruitment platform used by businesses to source, screen and select the most desirable graduates efficiently and cost-effectively by utilising machine learning techniques.
Click2Sure Click2Sure is a fully digital and cloud-based insurance platform which integrates with e-commerce and retail sites.
SkillUp Tutors SkillUp Tutors facilitates tutoring and workshops via an online platform that matches students with tutors/workshop providers based on bespoke needs, using a unique pricing model.
HouseME​HouseME is a digital rental management platform that connects prospective tenants to landlords.

"Webber Wentzel has a long-standing history of supporting entrepreneurship. We recognise that the future of South Africa requires an ecosystem of innovation and growth and we want to make a meaningful contribution to this. With the right support, good business ideas can turn into thriving enterprises with global reach." Christo Els, Webber Wentzel, Senior Partner.

For more information about Webber Wentzel Ignite, email ignite@webberwentzel.com.