Webber Wentzel wins Johannesburg Firm Award at SASLAW's Annual Pro Bono Awards

Each year, the South African Society for Labour Lawyers (SASLAW) recognises individual attorneys and law firms for their contribution to their advice offices. For 2020, we received the Johannesburg Firm Awarddue to our funding of the cost of a permanent attorney at the Johannesburg SASLAW advice office. SASLAW described our CSI donation as

"... an extraordinarily generous donation. Thank you again so much for the wonderful and much-needed support this year. The project could not have managed during this tricky lockdown period without the services of the attorney".

SASLAW, a non-profit organisation, promotes the advancement of labour law as a legal and academic discipline, and encourages collaboration between lawyers and other experts within the field of labour law. The SASLAW Pro Bono NPC project at the South African Labour Courts serves to deliver a quality advisory service and defined labour law legal services to those who otherwise do not have access to justice. The attorneys in our Employment team are all members of SASLAW and contribute their time to the advice offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Johan Olivier is also a member of SASLAW's National Executive Committee.

Odette Geldenhuys, who manages our CSI programme says:

"Our CSI contributions to organisations such as SASLAW are significant in at least two ways: we are assisting them in a material way to do the necessary work in this space, and the support of a corporate law firm should encourage others to similarly have confidence in the work of these organisations".

About our CSI programme:

Our approach in making corporate social investments is based on entering partnerships with appropriate organisations with the aim of achieving measurable and sustainable results. As the right to access to justice unlocks all the other rights in our Bill of Rights, and because of its synergy with our core business, our CSI programme's main focus is on access to justice. During the 2019/2020 year, we made CSI donations to, among others, the Centre for Community Justice and Development, Lawyers against Abuse, the Laws of South Africa Legislation Project, the Southern African Legal Information Institute, Section 27 and SASLAW.

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