Working together to keep workplaces open and safe through Covid-19

​​​We all need to keep our businesses, organisations and projects operating. We are, however, seeing many businesses grappling with re-opening, ramping up and remaining open, while complying with the laws and managing the practical complexities of keeping employees and workplaces safe through the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is not only behaviours within our workplaces that are an issue, but factors outside of work that create further risk. The laws are complex and change frequently. There are also multiple elements required to establish efficient systems to manage and mitigate these risks which require several specialist experts. Managing these on an ad hoc basis, makes it difficult to scale these solutions and having support teams operate in silos is inefficient. Existing health and safety teams and support measures need to be augmented during this time and new technologies used to streamline compliance.

To assist business, five reputable institutions have come together to identify key challenges and risk areas and providing legally compliant, practically implementable solutions based on best in class clinical and engineering input. For more about this, see below.​​

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