Podcast: Covid-19 Vaccines - Employer Considerations

With Covid-19 vaccines on the horizon, many employers are asking about the possibility of introducing workplace vaccination policies. Over this 6-part series, we unpack several key legal issues related to the Covid-19 vaccines in the workplace.

We look at the law on vaccines in South Africa, we unpack the legal health and safety obligations and potential liability of employers in relation to vaccines, and the legality of introducing mandatory vaccination policies in the workplace. We also look at related potential disciplinary issues, whether workplaces can be used as sites for vaccinations and finally provide insights on managing the personal information of employee vaccine data.

Our experts in this podcast are:

  • Kenneth Coster, Webber Wentzel partner
  • Mehnaaz Bux, Webber Wentzel partner
  • Shane Johnson, Webber Wentzel professional support lawyer
  • ​Karl Blom, Webber Wentzel senior associate

The host for this podcast is Webber Wentzel associate, Mbali Nkosi.

Executive producer: Paula Youens

Listen to the Covid-19 Vaccines - Employer Considerations podcast series

Part 01 - Podcast - The Law on Vaccines in South Africa

​Part 02 - Podcast - Health & Safety Obligations of Employers
Part 03 - Podcast - Mandatory Vaccination Policies
Part 0​4 - Podcast - Potential Disciplinary Issues​​
Part 05 - Podcast - The Workplace as a Site for​​ Vaccination
Part 06 - Podcast - Personal Information Management of Employee Vaccine Data

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